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How to Join the Round Using the Magic Loop Method

Learn how to join the round using the magic loop method from circular knitting expert Jessica Kaufman in this Howcast video.


Now I'm going to show you how to join knit in the round using the magic loop method.

Just like the other ones, you want to cast all your cast on stitches on to one side of the needle. This is going to be a magic loop, obviously. I've got my long 40 inch needle.

And then what I need to do is slide the stitches down. I think I've got 30 on this one as well. And I'm going to pull my magic loop out from somewhere in the center.

So I just eyeball this because it doesn't matter right now. I'm going to find that little center point or what looks close enough to center. I'm going to move the stitches down on to either side of my beginning magic loop here. Pull the loop out. And now I've got half the stitches on the front and half the stitches on the back. Roughly.

So for this one, we need to think about the most recent stitch cast on, the one with the yarny ends coming from it, as being in the back. And stitch number one, the first on I cast on, as being on the front.

Make sure I don't have a twist. We're going to talk more about how to join without a twist in another video.

So I've got half my stitches in the back. Half my stitches on the front.

Make sure that the yarn ends are handing down from the back needle.

And just like knitting with magic loop, I want to push my front needle in, hold them together, bring my back needle out and around ready to knit. And here's where we connect. I want to make sure I'm working from the ball and not the tail. Make sure the yarn is behind the needle. Stick it in to stitch number one. And with the yarn coming from the most recent stitch, I am now joined to knit in the round.

So that's how we join to knit in the round from magic loop. I would finish this round, or this row. I would finish this needle and then do the back.

And that's how you join to knit in the round using magic loop.

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