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How to Prevent a Twisted Cast On in Circular Knitting

Learn how to prevent a twisted cast on from circular knitting expert Jessica Kaufman in this Howcast video.


I'm now going to show you how to prevent a twist when you join to knit in the round.

So I've just cast on all my stitches. And the easiest way for me to make sure there's no twists is to align all my little cast on, my ridge here, in the inside of the circle.

So that you can see, make sure you can trace it all the way around and there's no twists. When you're sure that there's no twists, then it's safe to join to knit in the round.

But I'll show you what a twist looks like and how to fix one.

So as you cast on, your hands are all over the cast on and they may inadvertently give you something that looks like this after you're done casting on.

If you're casting on a really large number of stitches, they will flare out. And sometimes, even though they're not twisted, they'll look kind of flared and messy.

And the way to see if you have a twist, I think, is to lay it down on the table, and press against the table, and really hold it down.

So I'm going to start from the right side. I'm going to hold this cast on edge down against the table. Push it down as I go. And the closer I get, the more I can see, oh, yeah, there's a whole lot of twists here.

So then you can kind of push the twists around until it looks to you like you've got no twists. And there I over-corrected so I'm going to take it back one,

And make sure, I'm going to trace it with my finger, it's always great to check several times before you join to knit in the round because, you know, we're so excited to start a new project. We join. Ah, now we're knitting in the round and we just knit lots and lots of inches before we check anything and if we have a twist, then we're kind of out of luck.

There are ways to fix twists, and we have a video on that, but it's better to just not have one.

So those are some ways to prevent a twist when you're casting on to knit in the round.

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