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How to Prevent & Fix Inside Out Circular Knitting

Learn how to prevent and fix inside out circular knitting from expert Jessica Kaufman in this Howcast video.


I'm going to show you how to prevent and fix circular knitting inside out.

Now, there are times when you would want to knit inside out for circular knitting, mainly when you have to do a lot of reverse stockinette which means from the outside you would need to pearl every single round. Not a lot of people want to do that so you would flip your knitting inside out and knit every single round which would give you pearl on the outside.

But sometimes we find ourselves knitting inside out accidentally when we didn't mean to. That happens a lot when you're at the very beginning stages when you've only knitted a round or two and it can flip-flop inside out really easily because there's no yarn to hold it down.

It cannot happen accidentally when you've got a lot of fabric hanging down. Like I would never accidentally start knitting this sock inside out. It just couldn't happen. I would have to do it on purpose. So I'm going to show you on a medium length sample where its easy to flip it inside out on purpose but I would definitely notice if I was knitting along and it was starting to crawl because I actually do have to use my thumbs to flip it inside out.

So in order to get oriented here, we have to remember that when we knit in the round we're knitting with the needles on the closest side of the cloth to our body. So if I'm looking straight down at it, it would be at 6:00. If the point farthest away from your body is 12:00, we're knitting at 6:00.

And that's the way we want to do it for circular knitting to knit right side out. And that means that the correct side of the garment or the fabric that you're making is on the visible side to the audience sitting all around you. Just imagine people looking at it from every angle. They can see the correct side, and the needles are closest to you body, you're knitting right side out.

Now, if you find yourself knitting on the opposite side of the circle, the part that's farthest away from you, you're knitting at 12:00 and the general public around you can see the inside of your intended fabric, like if you don't want it to be reverse stockinette, if this is actually the outside but they are seeing the inside, that means you're knitting inside out.

So it's a really simple fix. If you're going around here and you realize that you're still looking at the inside of the garment but everyone else is seeing the outside and you say, "oh, yeah. I'm looking across the circle. What's closest to me is not where my needles are," simply flip your work back right side out, and orient the needles closest to your body.

So that's how you fix and prevent inside out circular knitting.

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