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Top 7 Places to Eat & Drink in Bangkok

Learn about the top seven places to eat and drink in Bangkok in this Howcast travel video.


One of Bangkok’s biggest draws is its food, from high cuisine to street stalls.

Get your fill of gourmet Thai food at Nahm. It’s been named one of the best restaurants in the world, and you’ll see why when you taste the flavorful but subtle dishes.

Soul Food Mahanakorn is another solid choice for authentic Thai food in an elegant setting. They also serve great drinks.

If you’re most interested in ambiance, Breeze offers an amazing view of the Bangkok skyline. The seafood they serve is very good too, but pricey.

Blue Elephant also serves authentic Thai dishes in luxury, but what’s more impressive is their cooking school. Blue Elephant’s cooking school guides students all the way from the market to the table, so eating there is a unique experience.

If fancy restaurants are not your thing -- you will love Bangkok because the city is also overflowing with delicious cheap authentic food.

Krua Apsorn is a longtime local favorite. It’s a casual restaurant where you can get traditional Thai dishes prepared to perfection, without paying a fortune. There are plenty of cafes like this one so ask the locals or your concierge for their favorites.

If you’d like to take a break from Thai food, Roti Mataba is well known for serving great Indian food at low prices.

Eating at food courts is also a standard for locals looking for good food on the cheap. The MBK Food Court is one of the best–it may not be fancy, but you’ll find everything from Italian food to sushi.

If all else fails, it’s hard not to be tempted by the delicious smell and affordable prices of the many street food vendors! You’ll always eat well in Bangkok.

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