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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Visit in Berlin

Learn about the top five neighborhoods to visit on a trip to Berlin, Germany and what makes them special in this Howcast travel video.


Berlin is an old city that has been built and rebuilt over the course of its history. Be sure to spend some time in the Nicholas’ Quarter.

This historic district has been restored after it was destroyed in World War II. Today, it’s where you can see examples of old architecture like St Nicholas’ Church, Berlin’s oldest church.

Nicholas’ Quarter is in the Mitte or Middle, literally meaning the vast middle section of Berlin.

Also in this section is the Museum Island, which is where you can visit some of the city’s most important museums.

Mitte is also where you can walk down Under the Lindens from Brandenburg Gate and see some of Berlin’s top attractions.

Outside of Mitte, Charlottenburg is another beautiful neighborhood.

This is where you can see the Schloss Charlottenburg, Germany’s only remaining royal palace.

Charlottenburg is also home to several museums, including the Berggruen Museum.

Potsdam Square is another area that has been rebuilt in recent history. The Berlin Wall was once in this area, but today you wouldn’t know it due to all the new buildings. This area is where you can visit many of Berlin’s best museums, such as the New National Gallery.

Kreuzberg is another popular neighborhood. This is another neighborhood with notable museums, like the Jewish Museum and the Berlinische Galerie.

Berlin’s complex history and rich culture can truly be experienced by visiting all of its neighborhoods.

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