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Visiting the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin

Learn about the Gendarmenmarkt, considered Berlin's most beautiful square, in this Howcast travel video.


Some say the Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most elegant places in Europe. It’s at least Berlin’s most beautiful square.

Not only is the architecture impressive, but the different buildings all complement one another perfectly.

Perhaps even more impressive is that the buildings saw extensive damage during World War II, but were restored completely.

The French Cathedral gets its name from being designed to resemble a French Huguenot temple, and because the congregation once spoke French. The tower has a viewing platform, which offers an excellent view of Berlin.

Across from the French Cathedral is the German Cathedral.

It was named in contrast to the French Cathedral and similarly the congregation in this church has always spoken German.

The two churches’ towers were designed together so that the Gendarmenmarkt would be symmetrical.

Framed by the two churches is the Berlin Concert House -- with some of the best acoustic quality of any building in the world. Listen to the Berlin Symphony Orchestra play there, and you’ll hear the difference.

Aside from having impressive architecture, the Gendarmenmarkt is used as a public square.

If you happen to visit Berlin during the Christmas season, one of the city’s best Christmas markets is held in the Gendarmenmarkt. But whenever you’re in town, the Gendarmenmarkt is worth a visit.

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