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Visiting the Roman Forum

Learn about the Roman Forum in this Howcast travel video.


Ancient Rome might be even more famous than today’s Rome.

You’ll certainly want to spend plenty of time in the ruins of ancient Rome during your visit to the city.

The Roman Forum is a good place to start.

This was once the heart of Rome.

Today, the ruins of many significant temples and other structures can be seen in the Roman Forum.

You’ll see the remains of temples dedicated to Saturn, Vesta, Venus and Roma, and many others.

Many of the structures in the Roman Forum had political significance. One of the more popular sights within the ruins is the Arch of Septimius Severus, which dates to 203 AD. This white marble triumphal arch stands over 60 feet high.

Not far from the arch is the Milliarium Aureum, the base of what was once a monument meant to mark the very center of Rome.

And of course there’s the Rostra, the platform from which Roman politicians would deliver speeches.

There are also some intriguing mysteries in the Roman Forum. For example -- Nobody knows for certain what the Lapis Niger, a black marble slab, was originally built for. Be sure to check it out!

Take your time exploring the ruins...there’s so much history to explore.

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