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Visiting Villa Borghese in Rome

Learn about Rome's Villa Borghese in this Howcast travel video.


Though Rome’s architecture is among the most beautiful in the world, after a while it can start to feel like a city of nothing but concrete. When that time comes, visit the Villa Borghese.

The Villa’s garden consists of over a hundred acres of beautifully landscaped greenery. It’s one of the biggest and most popular parks in Rome.

On any given day, you’ll see plenty of both tourists and locals enjoying the scenery.

The park is also home to one of Rome’s best museum -- the Borghese Gallery -- housed in an extravagant villa. The building was once a luxurious residence built for a wealthy cardinal in the 1600s. But as lavish as the architecture is, the contents of the museum aren’t to be missed either. Many of Bernini’s finest sculptures are here, including his David and Apollo and Daphne. There’s also an excellent collection of Caravaggio paintings, such as Boy with a Basket of Fruit and St. Jerome.

When you’re ready to leave the Villa Borghese, you won’t have to go far to find another area of interest. The Piazza del Popolo, one of Rome’s more famous piazzas, is minutes away.

The beauty of Villa Borghese’s garden and art will leave you refreshed and ready to get back to sightseeing.

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