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Best Time to Visit Dubai

Learn about the best time of year to visit Dubai in this Howcast travel video.


As far as weather goes, Dubai really only has two seasons: hot, and unbearably hot.

Summers have average daily highs above one hundred degrees fahrenheit, with nights only cooling down to the mid-80s and the humidity can also be stifling.

Even the water is hot in the summer, so don’t expect swimming to cool you off unless you’re in a controlled-temperature pool.

The only escape from the summer heat is air conditioning. Thankfully, there’s plenty of that, but if you spend all your time indoors you’ll be missing out on a lot of Dubai’s attractions.

Visiting Dubai in the summer might be less expensive, but unless you want to spend all your time in hotels and malls, it’s not worth it.

On the other hand, from late October to early April, Dubai is the perfect getaway from the harsh winter weather in other parts of the world.

The humidity is much lower and temperatures are pleasant, with daily highs in the mid-70s and even cooler nights.

There’s only a small chance of rain, especially if you visit in October or November. And the water will be warm, but not hot. Dubai winters are perfect for the beach.

Book a few months in advance, and look forward to a warm winter vacation.

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