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How to Get Around Dubai

Learn about the best ways to get around Dubai in this Howcast travel video.


Dubai isn’t the most pedestrian-friendly city in the world, but there are plenty of other ways to get around.

Car rental usually isn’t too pricey, but driving in Dubai isn’t for the faint of heart. Traffic can be chaotic and accidents are common.

If you’d rather not be behind the wheel, don’t worry–taxis are affordable, easy to hail and they’re very safe.

Pink-topped taxis are only for women; the rest can be used by anyone.

Buses are also a cheap way to get to different parts of the city, but they aren’t always reliable and traffic can slow them down.

If you’d rather stay off the road altogether, the metro is another good option. The Dubai metro covers most of the major parts of the city, and is comfortable, safe, and very cheap.

Another common way of getting around is by boat. Abras are ferries used to cross the Dubai Creek. They’re inexpensive, and you’ll get a great view of the city along the way. There are also water buses for longer trips on the creek. These are a little pricier, but still affordable.

Dubai is an expensive city in general, but it’s easy to get around comfortably and safely for very little money.

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