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Top 7 Places to Visit in São Paulo

Learn about the top seven places to visit on a trip to São Paulo, Brazil in this Howcast travel video.


São Paulo is Brazil’s cosmopolitan center and you can see the city’s cultural wealth in its many museums.

The São Paulo Art Museum is known for having one of the best collections of European art south of the Equator.

Another important museum is the Pinacotheca of the State. This is the place to see Brazilian art, from 19th-century to contemporary works.

São Paulo is also home to a variety of impressive architecture, both old and new. At over 500 feet, the Italy Building offers a stunning view of São Paulo. There’s also the Martinelli Building, the first skyscraper built in Brazil. And, the Copan Building -- which is not only one of the city’s biggest buildings, but also one of the most uniquely designed.

Foodies should pay a visit to the historic Municipal Market. Both the stained glass windows and the variety of fresh produce make this market vibrant and colorful. It’s also a great place to try local dishes.

Then head out for some fresh air in one of São Paulo’s parks. The Botanical Garden contains hundreds of species of Brazilian plants and is home to over a hundred different species of birds.

Both indoors and out, São Paulo is packed with things to do and see.

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