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How to Get Around Seoul

Learn about the best ways to get around Seoul, Korea in this Howcast travel video.


Driving in Seoul isn’t the best option for casual travelers, especially when there are so many other ways to get around.

The public transportation system is probably all you’ll need. The subway system, called the Metro, is one of the most-used subway systems in the world. It’s quick, reliable, comfortable, and safe.

It’s also pretty inexpensive. Prices are determined by how far you ride. And it’s very easy to use.

Signs and maps have English, Chinese, and Japanese translations, so visitors who don’t understand Korean won’t have any trouble.

There are Metro routes covering pretty much all of the city. But even if there’s somewhere the subway won’t take you, a bus can probably get you there.

Buses aren’t quite as user-friendly as the Metro, so you should plan your trip out in advance if you think you’ll need to use one.

You can pay for rides on the Metro and bus with single tickets, or with a rechargeable T-money card.

The T-money card is a good investment if you plan on using the Metro a lot. It’s easy to use and will save you money on bus transfers.

If public transportation doesn’t do the trick, taxis are a good bet. They’re safe and reasonably priced. Not all taxi drivers speak English, so you might want to your destination written down to show them.

There are plenty of convenient ways to get around Seoul, so you won’t have to worry about transportation.

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