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Top 5 Neighborhoods to Visit in Houston

Learn about the top five neighborhoods to visit on a trip to Houston, Texas in this Howcast travel video.


You can’t see all of Houston in a short time, so you’ll need to decide which neighborhoods to visit.

The downtown area is where you’ll find many of the city’s biggest attraction including some of the iconic buildings in Houston’s skyline.

Downtown also includes the theater district. This is where you’ll find the best venues for opera, ballet, symphony orchestra, and more.

And, for sports fans, the Minute Maid baseball field and the Toyota Center basketball arena can both be found downtown.

Houston is also a great town for shopping. Uptown, you’ll find the Galleria, a massive shopping mall full of high-end shops.

You’ll also probably want to spend some time in the Museum District, south of the downtown area. Many of Houston’s best museums are in this neighborhood, conveniently close together. This is where you’ll find the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Health Museum, the Children’s Museum, and many more.

Nearby is the Montrose neighborhood, where you can visit the Menil Collection. Montrose is one of Houston’s most trendy, quirky areas.

The Heights neighborhood, to the north, is more upscale. You might want to visit just to see the old Victorian-style houses.

There’s something for everyone in Houston -- Find the neighborhood that best suits your interests, and you’re sure to enjoy your visit.

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