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Best Time to Visit San Francisco

Learn about the best time of year to visit San Francisco, California in this Howcast travel video.


It’s possible to enjoy San Francisco year-round, but you might want to consider the city’s unusual weather when planning your trip.

In any season, San Francisco’s temperature rarely gets lower than 50 degrees or higher than the mid-70s. Summers are usually chilly, with daily highs often below 70.

Fog keeps it from getting sunny for most of the day and winds coming off the Pacific will make you shiver.

If you have your heart set on the beach, San Francisco isn’t for you.

Summer brings the disadvantages of crowds and higher prices due to tourism. Spring will be better in terms of crowds and prices, but don’t expect dry, warm, comfortable days.

If you don’t mind carrying an umbrella, winter is a great time to visit San Francisco. It will be windy and rainy, but it rarely actually freezes and storms are unusual.

Except around the holidays, San Francisco receives the fewest visitors in the winter, so it’s the least expensive time to visit.

But the very best time to visit is in the fall, which is often the warmest and sunniest season. Fall is also outside of peak tourist season, making it less expensive and less crowded.

Whenever you visit, you’ll need to bring a jacket. Even in the warmer months, it tends to get cold quickly as evening sets in.

The unique weather is just one of the things that makes San Francisco such an interesting place to visit.

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