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How to Get Around San Francisco

Learn about the best ways to get around San Francisco, California in this Howcast travel video.


There’s no reason to rent a car in San Francisco.

Traffic is heavy, parking is expensive, and there are plenty of other options.

Most of the neighborhoods are small enough that you can easily get around on foot.

But if you want to get somewhere faster, it’s best to take public transportation.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, or Muni, covers the subway, buses, cable cars, and streetcars.

The Muni system is easy to use and covers the whole city. It’s also cheap. Though cable car rides do cost a bit more.

Many visitors choose to pay extra just for the experience of riding one and if you’re in San Francisco you may as well experience a cable car ride at least once.

You can pay for all rides in cash, or with a pre-paid pass. There are a variety of payment options. Visit for information about payment, schedules, maps, and a trip planner.

The Muni system and your own two feet are probably all you need to get around San Francisco, but if all else fails you can take a taxi. Don’t count on being able to hail a taxi on the street–they can be hard to find. Be sure to call in advance if you think you’ll need a ride. San Francisco taxis are also quite pricey, especially if you happen to get stuck in traffic.

Outside of San Francisco’s taxi situation, you don’t have anything to worry about. There are lots of ways to get around San Francisco easily and cheaply.

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