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How to Get Around Tokyo

Learn about the best ways to get around Tokyo in this Howcast travel video.


Renting a car in Tokyo is expensive and the heavy traffic and and confusing city layout are enough to stress out any driver.

Tokyo’s public transportation is used widely by locals, and visitors should take advantage of it too.

The subway is the fastest and easiest way to get around. It also covers most of the city and is one of the cheapest modes of transport.

Since there’s more than one system, it can be a little confusing, but maps and signs always have English translations.

The bus system covers even more ground than the subway, but it can be even more confusing for visitors. If you can’t read Japanese, you’re out of luck as far as reading maps and signs on the buses. Buses are also one of the slower ways to get around.

Unless a bus is the only way to reach your destination, it’s best to stick to the metro.

Taxis are another option, but they probably shouldn’t be your first choice. They’re very expensive, and they’re not the quickest way to get around either.

If you only want to explore a neighborhood, it’s usually best to just go on foot.

Walking in Tokyo is very safe as long as you pay attention to traffic. Sometimes it’s even the fastest way to get to your destination, depending on traffic and subway routes.

But as long as you plan ahead and bring a map, you’ll be fine no matter how you choose to get around in Tokyo.

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