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Top 7 Places to Eat & Drink in Tokyo

Learn about the top seven places to eat and drink in Tokyo in this Howcast travel video.


If you think sushi is all there is to Japanese food, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. That said, there’s plenty of world-class sushi to be found in Tokyo.

Kyubey’s sushi has been attracting the famous and wealthy since 1936. But don’t worry–there’s also plenty of good food for visitors without deep pockets.

Gonpachi serves sushi and small plates at very affordable prices. The dishes aren’t strictly traditional, but they’re creative and delicious.

Another popular Japanese dish is soba, buckwheat noodles served with broth. Go to Kanda Yabu Soba to try soba that has been bringing in customers since 1880.

Authentic ramen is also a must for any visit to Tokyo. Shinatatsu is a reliable choice. It also offers a variety of other dishes at low prices.

Another Japanese favorite is unagi, or eel. At Izuei you can try your unagi prepared in different ways, but it will always be perfectly cooked and seasoned.

There are also plenty of options for international cuisine in Tokyo. If you’re craving Chinese food, go to Din Tai Fung for dim sum.

If you just can’t get by without a steak, splurge on a meal at New York Grill. The prices are high, but the food is worth it. So is the view from the restaurant’s location on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt hotel.

No matter what you want to taste or what you can spend Tokyo is a great city for dining out.

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