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Skating Foot Placement & Stance

Learn proper skating foot placement and stance from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


So, for foot placement, you're gonna wanna always put your front foot in the front and your back foot in the back. It's always safer that way and it's always an easier way to start. You won't get confused, especially if you feel like you're a mongo pusher. Now, how you know if you wanna put your front foot in the front or your back foot in the back is by deciding if you're either regular or goofy. You can take one foot forward and if you put your left foot forward, you're probably gonna be a regular skater. If you take your first step foot forward and it's gonna be your right foot, you're gonna be a goofy skater. And that's how you decide whether or not you're goofy or regular.

Now, as for stance, you're gonna be transitioning your front foot from sideways to going completely parallel with the board and that's how you're gonna be able to transition from pushing to standing and cruising. When you transition from putting your front foot completely sideways to putting it parallel with the board, you're gonna wanna be able to put your weight on your toes, so that way, as you turn, your foot doesn't get caught up in that grip tape. You wanna be light on your feet, easy on the heels and be able to transition left and right real easy because you're gonna be wanted to do some turns around obstacles, especially if you're getting around town. And that's how you push and stand.

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