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How to Stop on a Skateboard

Learn how to stop on a skateboard from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


All right. So there's a few ways you can start. You can either put your foot down, the whole foot, your front toe, you're heel, It depends. Sometimes you even want to dig in your foot in the back wheel. It's up to you. Some people like to do car size, other speed checks, heel side, toe side. You can do 180 turns. It's really up to you. So each to their own. Whatever you're most comfortable with. You want to make sure you're going at a speed that's safe, that you know you're able to handle.

There's a couple of things that you might do initially that might mess you up when you're learning how to stop. That's kind of getting your back foot caught up in the wheels. You don't want to skate over your own foot. That'd be kind of bad, and trust me it hurts. Also, if you're catching a nice little foot break, kind of makes sure you're digging your foot in there good. Now if you only need a quick little stop, just tap the ground a few times with your toes. Don't put your whole foot down. You really want to makes sure you don't put all your body weight. You want to keep your body weight on your standing foot.

So if you're goofy, you're going to keep your weight on the board and just do a gentle light touch on the ground, the friction is going to help slow you down. Same thing if you're using your wheel stop. You're going to pretty much causing friction, and that's going to allow you to break speed. Most importantly, if you're going to stop, make sure you have plenty of space before you get where you're going to kind of really slow down. Take it easy. Take your time. Don't go too fast. And that's certainly how you're going to stop.

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