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How to Do a Toeside Check Slide on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a toeside check slide from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


When you're doing a toe slide check, some people like to have their toes just over the edge so they can really push in on their board and get a nice, nice check. Some people really like to have their foot completely on the board, but most people really like to raise their heel up off the board so they can get a lot of pressure into their toes and put a lot of weight into that turn.

The difference between a check and a slide is a check is going to scrub off a little bit of speed and a slide is really going to be a little more insentive to say for at least a foot or two and then some if you're a better skater. With a check, you just want to put a little bit of weight over into your toes, do a little maneuver to the side and that's going to be your check.
It's important you have your front foot as a guide you through that check, so you're going to be turning using your weight that you're going to put into your front foot, so you want to keep your foot locked in nice and solid in the grooves on each side and the nose and your toes on your back foot is going to guide you through that turn as well. It's very important you put your weight on your toes. You're locked in nice and solid.

If you want to check you're going to make sure that you want to check as opposed to a slide because every once in awhile, you'll have too much speed and you have to scrub it off by doing a few small checks. Ideally, you'll know what you want, you'll get that check in there or you'll go for a slide. If you forget to put weight on the toes, try lifting up the heels and try putting your toes over the edge of the board. It might suit you better. That's how you do a toe slide check.

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