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How to Do a No Comply Bigspin on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a no comply bigspin from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


The way you do a no comply big spin is a little bit similar to a regular 180 no comply, except this time, you're gonna be giving it a little bit more of a scoop. The same when you give a bit more extra scoop to land that 360 shove it, you're gonna do the same with this no comply. How you do it, is you wanna get your foot just on the edge. I like to keep it right over here, some people like their toes a little further in, it's really up to you. So, when you kick out for the regular no comply, you give it a little bit of a pop, but with a no comply big spin, you just wanna push out for that little bit of extra scoop. Some people like to do it in different directions, I like to do it going to the right, so it's really up to you and again what you're comfortable with is really what should be your preference, unless you're trying to land something new and that's perfectly fine.

Now, again, really emphasizing the pop and the scoop, much like a 360 shove it or your standard fakie shove it. It's really up to you, but I advise putting a lot of pressure on the tail. It's a little bit like a pressure flip, but what you're gonna wanna do is get that weight on the tail, kick it up, make sure it gets that extra turn. If you're having problems with this trick, you can try it in the other direction, you can try it fakie, which is a little bit more difficult, but for some people fakie tricks come out a little easier.

So, again, if you're having trouble with this trick, try placing your feet in different places on the board because you never know what's gonna work for you. Some people like their foot in the front, some people like it on the back. It's really up to you and again, you should always run with your preference. So, if you think you're gonna be happier with your foot right on the edge, go for it. Just remember to give it a nice scoop and a big pop and that's how you're gonna get that no comply big spin.

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