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How to Do 180 Boneless aka Frontside Boneless on Skateboard

Learn how to do a 180 boneless, also known as a frontside boneless, from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


In order to do a 180 Boneless you're going to want to be able to take your
front foot and put it on the ground. Once you're comfortable enough doing
that, you're going to want to sync up your movements and be able to reach
down, grab the board with your right hand, pop it in the air and do a 180
degree turn. Once you're in midair some people enjoy taking the board out
and doing a bit of a [inaudible 00:26] and some people like to keep it
under them.

It's a bit more of a game plan but again it's all about
preference and what you're more comfortable with. I personally like to
take the board out and tuck it back underneath just before I land on the

As usual you want to land directly over the board; you have a more
solid landing and a higher likelihood of rolling away. Now, some people
have difficulty with this trick because the board might get away, and it's
also a little bit tough because you want to do a nice tight rotation. So,
in order to make it a bit easier, you want to wind up with your shoulders,
make sure you have a nice solid spin; you don't want to get too out of
control. It's also very important that you get enough pressure and lift
off the ground from that one foot. So, if you're having trouble with this
trick you might want to try just hopping off as high as you can, just using
your one foot.

I generally like to use my right foot, some people like to
using their left foot, again it's all about preference and what you're
comfort level is. So, if you want to do this trick, just remember that you
have to be comfortable enough with taking your foot and putting it on the
ground. As many of the tricks that we discussed earlier whether it's a no
comply milkshake or no comply big spin, you have to be able to put your
foot on the ground in order to do one or more of these tricks. And that's
how you do a Boneless 180.

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