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How to Do a 360 No Comply on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a 360 no comply from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


How you do a 360 no comply is kind of like your standard 180 no comply. You really gotta make sure you have a regular no comply or 180 down before you try this trick. You're gonna need a lot of momentum. You can think of yourself as a top spinning and gaining momentum. You're gonna wind up your arms, your right hand over your left side, maybe even take your left hand put it on your lower back, really start spinning, gaining some speed as you turn. When you scoop the tail, you're gonna scoop a little harder and make sure you have enough room in between your legs for your board to pass though, 'cause getting hit in the shin is really not fun. So, as you do that, you really wanna pop hard, stop spinning, spin with your board, maybe even let the board turn halfway through your legs and catch up with it as the spin is winding down.

Now, it's really important that if you wanna do this trick, you can either pop it or you can keep it low, slung to the ground, so it's up to you. Each person has their own preference, but it's very important that you not get hit in the shin and that you take it real easy through the first few spins. It's also important that you have those 180 no comply's down before you even think about doing these 360 no comply's. And that's how you 360 no comply.

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