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How to Do a Fakie Ollie on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a fakie ollie from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


The way you're gonna do a fakie ollie is by making sure first off, that you in fakie and that you know how to do an ollie. They're both generally very simple things. Some people have a little difficulty doing fakie tricks, but if you can do both things, I suggest you go out and try it. When you're rolling, you wanna make sure that you're set up, just like for a regular ollie, except it will be a little bit more difficult because your back foot is gonna be in the front of the board and you're gonna have the sensation that you're rolling backwards. So, when you pop that tail, you wanna do the same thing as you would with an ollie. You wanna pop down really hard, make sure your board pops up, level it out and and and stick the trick.

When you're doing a fakie ollie, you wanna make sure that your sliding foot is not gonna kick out and end up doing a heel flip or a kick flip and so you wanna make sure you're sliding it directly in the center of the board and your front foot isn't kicking out too much to the right or the left. If you want style or flair points, you can do a little pivot out and that's gonna help the trick look a little better when you land it. It's very important you land over the bolt. If you want a better ollie or a higher ollie, you can really pop your knees up to your chest and that's gonna help you get a little bit more height out of your fakie ollie.

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