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How to Do a Milk Shake on a Skateboard

Learn how to do a milk shake from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


A milkshake is a funny, oldschool trick. Not many people do them. It's not very complicated. I like to get both feet pretty lined up, just towards the edge so it's ready to slip off. As you do that, you're gonna wanna push your foot down, put some weight on the board so it goes sideways. As it gets to its edge, you're gonna wanna put your foot, scoop it out and make sure it turns 180. As that happens, you're gonna hop back on. It's not too dissimilar from a no comply, except this time, you're keeping your weight on the board, you're rotating the board with your foot instead of letting it go free, like you do with a no comply. It's not too dissimilar to an impossible either, where you're spinning the board around your foot.

As you get a milkshake going, you maybe wanna think about making one. You're gonna get in the blender, you're gonna start mixing it up and its gonna start turning. As it starts to turn, you wanna make sure you get the scoop in there, so everything's nicely blended. When you land, you wanna land, generally, right over the bolts, nice solid landing. If you're having trouble with the milkshake, you might wanna try placing your feet in a different area of the board. Some people like to keep it further up. I personally like to keep it right in the middle, just close to the edge, and try keeping your feet in different positions, closer and further away from the edge. That might give you a better advantage in landing this trick.

Now, it's very important that when you do do that, you don't hit yourself in the legs, as usual, 'cause that just stinks and nobody wants that. You just wanna nail that trick, right. So, you just wanna maybe move your feet around front to back, side to side and that'll give you a better chance at actually landing the milkshake.

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