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Top 3 Skateboarding Safety Tips

Learn the top three skateboarding safety tips from competitive skateboarder Nate Cohen in this Howcast skateboarding video.


There are top three safety tips that I always try and keep in mind when I'm heading out to skate.

Checking my gear. That means everything's set up just right, just how I like it. I know that it's going to perform the way I expect it to and nothing's going to go wrong. The bolts are on tight; the wheels aren't going to fly off. That means I can trust my board if I'm going in traffic or heading to the park.

Now, safety tip number two is making sure that you have the right safety gear on. That means wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and, of course, a helmet, especially if you're going to the park. No matter who you are, you hit the park, you're going in the deep end of the pool, you're going to want to wear your helmet. It would really suck to fall 12 feet down and hit your noggin.

Rule number three. Be aware. Be conscientious of other people around you. You want to make sure you're as safe as you possibly can be. That means looking both ways when you're crossing the street -- in all directions, at all times. Respect pedestrians, and especially watch out for those cars. Also, don't piss your neighbors off. They might have it out for you and start throwing stuff at you. So, you really want to take it easy. If you're causing too much of a ruckus, it's late at night, you just want to be respectful. You want to skate as much as you can, so, if possible, take it somewhere else.

Those are the three safety rules that I always keep in mind when I'm heading out on my board.

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