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Laser Treatment for Cellulite FAQ

Get all your questions answered about whether laser treatment can reduce cellulite from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


People always ask me a bunch of questions about laser treatments to get rid of cellulite. People want to know does it really work. It only works on some people.

Any type of cellulite treatment, there is really no guarantee it's going to work for you and you really want to discuss that with your doctor so that you're sure you understand that you can go through the whole thing and still not be happy with the way that your body looks.

People want to know are there incisions made or is it done from the outside of the skin. Another thing that's a really great question. They actually make incisions in your skin where you have cellulite and melt the fat from within your skin with the laser. It is a very invasive treatment and I think people have a misconception that laser treatments to get rid of cellulite are not invasive but that's not really correct. You will have a lot of down time, a lot of bruising and you really should make sure you understand all the side effects of laser treatments for cellulite before you get started with that.

I wouldn't really encourage anyone to do it just because I don't believe in invasive treatments for anyone and there are a lot of other alternatives out there for that.

So I hope I've cleared up some of your most frequently asked questions about laser treatments for cellulite and good luck.

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