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How to Follow an Anti-Cellulite Diet

Learn how to follow an anti-cellulite diet from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about how to follow an anti-cellulite diet.

The first thing that's really important is drink lots of water. Water naturally flushes out toxins from your body and when you see fat cells like cellulite in unsightly places, you want to make sure that you really cleanse all the time so water is a big, big step in that.

Also, you should eat more kelp. Kelp is amazing because it boosts collagen production and really cleanses and oxygenates your skin cells. Again, it detoxifies your body, it gets rid of anything that would be sitting in fat cells to make them swollen and visible and also like I said, it's very good at building collagen production which would thicken the skin and get rid of cellulite also.

My last tip is to avoid eating salt and sugar. I know it seems obvious but some people don't get it. Eating salt and sugar is going to make your cellulite even worse. Salt makes you retain water and makes you really puffy and make your fat cells puffy and sugar is going to also bloat your fat cells. So if you're really worried about cellulite, you got to cut that out.

I hope these tips were really helpful and I hope you get started soon on reducing cellulite with your diet.

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