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Cellulite Removal Surgery FAQ

Learn if surgery can remove cellulite from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


People ask me all the time the same questions over and over about surgery for cellulite. Let's go over those now.

The first one: does it really work? It does work on the areas that you get surgery on. You will see a dramatic reduction of cellulite and in the size of the area. Which is great. One of the side effects, though, is the fact that you might get cellulite in an area that you've never had a problem after surgery. What happens after surgery, if you gain a little weight it bloats your remaining fat cells and it will cause you get and gain weight in places that you always thought were your plus points. That, for me, is a major reason why you shouldn't get surgery.

Another frequently asked question is: how long is the down time? Down time for post surgery depends on the person. On your health and your fitness level. You could expect to be in pain for several weeks. You're going to have drains in your body post surgery and you're going to have to wear compression garments for a really long time. You want to factor that into your decision.

Another frequently asked question is: am I going to have scarring post surgery? The answer is yes. They are making incisions all over the area and you are going to be treating cellulite with incision marks. They will fade over time, but they will never completely disappear.

I hope that clears up your most frequently asked questions about surgery and cellulite.

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