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2 At-Home Treatments for Stretch Marks

Learn two ways you can treat stretch marks at home from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Lots of women ask me about stretch marks and what they can do at home to get rid of them. The best advice I can give you, step one, do lots of exfoliating. I wouldn't recommend exfoliating with something too harsh like a retinol or any type of vitamin A because that can thin out your skin as you get older. What I would recommend doing is doing a really nice sugar scrub or salt scrub on you body, let's say three times a week.
A scrub is going to stimulate more collagen production. It's going to trigger the healing production in your skin and it's going to make those stretch marks disappear.

Another really great solution for stretch marks is to keep you skin very, very hydrated. My advice is to use wheat germ oil or shea butter in with your regular moisturizer that you would use every day, to really help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, even in winter time when it's super dry. Dry skin isn't going to heal properly and your skin is not going to recover from stretch marks that well unless you're hydrating it on a regular basis.

So those are my two tips. Exfoliate three times a week and keep your body super hydrated with natural ingredients like wheat germ oil or shay butter. Those two things are really, really going to make your stretch marks reduce. Will they go away completely? Unfortunately they won't. But if you can't see them very well I can guarantee it no one else can see them either. So don't worry about it.

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