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Do Compression Garments Help You Lose Weight?

Learn if compression garments can help you lose weight from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I first heard about compression garments a long time ago. But people ask me all the time, do compression garments really help you lose weight? Well, it's kind of an old wives tale that actually really works.

My Chinese sister in-law first told me when I was pregnant that I should use a compression garment after I had my first baby to get my body back in shape. I thought it sounded kind of ridiculous but I've learned to always trust her about these things because, you know, some of those old wives tales are for a reason.

They're very, very tight. You can get them for almost any body part that you're trying to reduce inches on. But, most often, women want to reduce their midsection obviously. Certainly I did after I had a baby. So you can get them so that they go up and cover your entire midsection or that they can cover also your thighs. Whatever you think you need. They're very, very tight. But really what they do is they train the body to hold itself in better. Especially after you have a baby, you're kind of, your body's a little bit all over the place because there used to be somebody in there and now it's gone. So you want to get your body to come back together again. Get your ribcage back. Everything to go back.

So what I recommend doing is wear it 24 hours a day. The only time that thing should be off of your body is when you're in the shower. It sounds crazy but you'll start to see when you're changing your clothes, hey, I'm actually shrinking! It can be work after a baby for months after or just a few weeks. Whatever you think you need. But they really do work.

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