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Top 2 Foods for Dry Skin

Learn the top two foods for dry skin from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I get a lot of clients with very dry skin and they're always asking me what are the best foods to get rid of it. Here are my top two recommendations. Number one: Avocado. It's luckily something that almost everybody loves. And it's kind of a pleasure to add in to your diet. I would recommend adding avocado to your smoothie for breakfast or adding it to your salad for lunch. Whatever it takes.

But especially if your skin is very dry. Or even if you have normal skin. But it's winter. You need to add avocado to your diet. But most people don't find that an offensive recommendation so I don't have very much problems getting people to do it. My second time is use coconut oil to cook with.

Coconut oil really adds a lipid layer back into your skin. In other words, the fatty acids will help your lipid layer restore itself and maintain its own moisture content. So, if you cook with it you're gonna be adding that in with every meal. And your body really needs that, especially if you have dry skin to begin with. You need to look for those things that'll add it back on a regular basis. It's not gonna happen overnight, but you'd be surprised in a few weeks, your skin will start to looks less cracked, less dry, it's gonna start to feel healthier and more glowy. Those two are the most important things to add to your diet. And they're yummy too.

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