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Top 3 In-Flight Skin Care Tips

Learn the top three in-flight skin care tips from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Female Voice: I have a lot of clients that do a lot of traveling. I love giving tips for in flight skin care so you look amazing when you get off your airplane. One thing that I recommend to everybody is take a tiny little spray bottle of rose water. Rose water is something that really hydrates the skin and it also stimulates circulation. It's safe for all skin types, whether you tend to break out, or you're dry. You're going to need some hydration mid flight and rose water is the solution. Next, I love it when people do a serum on board, in other words three hours into your flight get out your skin care products, spray your face with some rose water and then reapply your serum.

A serum is a highly concentrated product that will have lots of vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs to look properly. It's going to keep you hydrated for the rest of the flight and when you get off of the airplane your skin is gonna kinda still glow even thought you've been in a dry environment for six hours straight. My last skin care tip for you guys is to take a little bit of a mask so that when you get off your airplane you get checked into the hotel and settled in, do a nice hydrating mask. Ideally something with shea butter, maybe be a little bit of strawberry in it to tighten your pores up, maybe some honey, all of those are hydrating ingredients and ingredients that your skin will really be grateful that you are using post flight.

That way you're going to have a great trip, a great glowing vacation, and you're going to feel beautiful the whole time.

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