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Top 3 Beach Vacation Skin Care Tips

Learn the top three ways to take care of your skin on a beach vacation from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Lots of people don't think about it but your environment completely has a direct affect on your skin. If you're going on a beach vacation I have some essential tips you should follow.

Step one. Exfoliate often. You're gonna be hot. It's gonna be humid. And you're gonna have tons of sunscreen on all the time. Your face is gonna need major recovery every day when you get home from the beach. So you should exfoliate every night in the shower before you get ready for dinner. I would recommend using a really gentle scrub. You don't want to over exfoliate or use anything chemical that will make you sun sensitive the next day but you want to get all the sunscreen out of your pores. And you want to make sure that all that dirt isn't building up to cause you to break out. So exfoliation every day is important.

I would also, daily, use a mild mask. Something that's soothing and also hydrating. Honey, avocado, strawberry to tighten your pores. Those are all ingredients you should look for in your mask. And you could really use it every day before you do your makeup for dinner every night. That way your skin will be soothed. It will be hydrated. And you'll be restoring some moisture content in your skin.

My last tip is to use a serum at night that will stimulate recovery mode for your skin. Using something with avocado and olive oil would be really essential for your skin. Olive oil actually reduces inflammation and softens sun damage in the skin. If you're getting sun damage all day you want to make sure that you're healing your skin at night. So that's what I recommend.

Those are my three essential tips for a sun vacation. And I hope you have a great trip.

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