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Top 7 Juice Ingredients for Your Skin

Learn the top seven juice ingredients for your skin from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I love recommending juices to fix skin problems. It's kind of a cure all and no matter what your skin type is, there's something that your skin can benefit from by drinking a green juice everyday.

My favorite juice to recommend is something that contains a ton of greens: kale, spinach, romaine, celery, parsley, cucumber and little bit of green apple just so it doesn't taste bad, it's a great way of making your skin hydrated, glowing and dewy all over.

Another great reason to do green juices is that it helps detoxify your skin. It actually stimulates the lymphatic system so you're helping your body to carry away waste so if you're breaking out that would be really important and also to bring in nutrients to all of your cells. So if you're dry, that would be important.

Another thing that it does is that it oxygenates the tissue throughout your whole body but specially in your face. Oxygenation is what the glow that we all talk about really is. If you oxygenate it, your skin is going to have a dewy glow and people are going to wonder what's her beauty secret? And now you know.

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