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How to Pick a Cleansing Facial Oil

Learn about cleansing facial oils from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


There have been a lot of cleansing facial oils that have come out on the market and people ask me about them all the time. Really a cleansing facial oil is just an oil face cleanser that will help to remove make-up and it won't strip the skin of all of its natural oils. The idea is that you will have better control over your own skin and you'll tend to breakout less if you're using an oil based cleanser.

The truth is that will work for some people but not for everyone. Cleansing oils in theory are great for everyone but for a lot of people they will cause more blackheads and they could cause you to breakout because it's hard to get them off the skin. the good thing about them is that they will maintain the nice lipid layer of your skin. It's actually easier to get makeup off of your face if you're using an oil rather than a water based cleanser and it will actually feel better.

My recommendation is use cleansing facial oils only in winter. Winter is when your skin is going to be drier anyway. You are going need all the moisture you can get and you're also going to want to sooth it and calm it and facial oils have a tendency to really do that for the skin. In summer, it might be a little bit trickier to use so I would probably stay away from facial oils for summertime

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