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Facials 101

Learn the facts about facials from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I have been a facialist for 17 years and I get asked all the time, what are facials for anyway and should I do them?
The short answer is yes. I would love it if people got facials once a month because I think they're great for getting a professional exfoliation. I think a professional extraction is always great. And I think it's always good to have a professional person really monitor the health of your skin and make sure that everything is fine.

That might be tough for people to actually accomplish. So I would say that a facial could even be good every other month. I wouldn't go too much further out than that because I think that you lose some control over your skin when you wait too long in between facials.

I always tell people, when the sun is as strong as it is, you definitely want somebody who knows your skin to spot things that maybe you need to see a dermatologist about. Or just to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

A facial is great for all of those things. You'll get extractions which means the removal of dirt and grime in your pores, which who doesn't like that? You'll get an exfoliation that's a little bit more professional than what you could do at home, which will really restore the glow to your skin. And you'll get a mask for your skin as well which will give you hydration or it's sort of like a prescription for your skin. So whatever your skin needs. Whether you're breaking out or need moisture or whatever it may be.

Another thing that's great about a facial is that it's relaxing. And it's me time. A lot of women these days don't take that extra time out for themselves. And frankly, I think everybody else around us suffers as a result. But take an hour for yourself. Relax and let someone else pamper you. You'll be happy that you did.

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