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How to Use Green Tea to Improve Skin

Learn how to use green tea to improve your skin from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I love green tea because it's so useful for the skin. It's an anti-inflammatory so that means that it calms down all the stress in your body.

Let's face it. We have very stressful lives and besides the fact that you have stress at work, there's stressors coming out at you from the environment that really affect your body's health: the sun, pollution, even your own mental health affects the health of your body and green tea really calms everything down.

It's great for your circulation and strengthening the capillary walls in your skin, which is great for your healthy glow and it's also good for cellulite.

Another thing that green tea is great for is that it actually helps you to burn calories. Did you guys know that if you drank a cup of green tea every day you'd burn an extra 200 calories a week? I mean, that's amazing. Burning calories just sitting in a chair. I like that.

So I would recommend doing green tea whenever you can, even if it's just one cup a day. Your body will really feel the difference.

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