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Best Drugstore Beauty Products

Learn about the best beauty products you can pick up in the drugstore from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I asked get a lot what are my recommendations for the best products in the drug store. Well, I always tell people what you should really do is look for products that contain natural ingredients. I really don't like products that contain a lot of chemicals because I think its just bad for your body, your skin isn't going to look great as a result, and you really want to look for things that are natural and organic. These days if you go to your regular old drug store there's so many brands now that have natural ingredients. It's kind of amazing and there are a lot of really good ones too. If you're confused about what I mean, then open up a tester and smell it.

Does it smell like the ingredients that they're saying are in there? It really should if it's natural. That is sort of a litmus test for you to see if something is natural enough for your skin. If you use natural ingredients your body will assimilate those ingredients better and your skin will look better as a result. Something else you want to look out for besides the natural ingredients are things that make sense to you. I like butter milk as an ingredient because its a natural soothing ingredient for the skin. Scrubs that contain perhaps ground up almonds, ground up apricots, something that has a fine scrub to it would be a great exfoliant for you. Shea butter is an awesome ingredient for moisturizer even for the face but also for the body. Green tea is a great ingredient. Those are the types of things, things that make sense to you that would be good for you. So those are my recommendations for products in your drug store.

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