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What Smoking Does to Your Skin

Learn what smoking does to your skin from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I know you don't want to hear this. I can tell right away if you're a smoker, just by looking at your skin. Smoking really dirties up the skin and it's going to make you age faster than you can imagine.

When I look at someone's pores and you've been smoking, you're going to have black tar all in your pores, all over your mouth, all over your nose, everywhere you're breathing in. Why? Because you're breathing in all of that yucky smoke all the time. If that doesn't stop you from smoking, maybe it will stop from smoking to hear that you're going to age faster than everybody else you know.

All of those really nasty vertical lines on your lips are from smoking. You're going to get deeper lines, here around the sides of your mouth. You're going to lose the elasticity in your face so much faster then you would if you were just a clean, healthy non-smoker. I know that women are not persuaded to quit smoking because of things like cancer and what it is doing internally.

But I can be pretty persuasive by telling you you're just going to age so much faster than someone who doesn't smoke. Your cheeks are going to lose elasticity super fast because you're holding that cigarette with all of that nasty smoke right by your face.

Think about it before you pick up a pack of cigarettes and try to consider, "what am I doing to my skin when i smoke this cigarette?"

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