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How Sunless Tanning Products Work

Learn how sunless tanning products work from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


People always ask me how does sunless tans work and is it worth it? Well sunless tans have an active ingredient in the cream or the spray that you're using that reacts with the surface of the skin to create a color. Now I know that in the we've had a really negative image of what sunless tans look like.

They don't always have to look orange. They don't always have to look really fake. These days sunless tans can actually be a beautiful golden color and only a few tones different from your natural skin color. What you should do first is exfoliate the skin and do that always before you get a sun tan. It's not gonna look good. It's not gonna sit well on the surface of the skin and it's not gonna be even unless you're exfoliated first. But once you get the color going and you find a product that really works for you, the color can be natural looking and can be nice. Sunless tans have really advanced in the past few years and I'm a really big fan of people doing it. I would even recommend doing it before you go on vacation that way you don't scare people on the beach with your white skin. So that's how they work.

And that's how to use them well.

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