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4 Facts & Myths about Base Tans

Learn the truth about so-called base tans from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Base tans is a concept. Um, I don't really even understand how they got such a good reputation when it's sort of counter-intuitive.

The idea is that you create a base tan or an underlying tan to protect yourself from getting sun burnt and real Sun damage to the skin.

Well, the truth is that any sun exposure is just bad for your skin, whether it's a base ta,n or a sunburn.

What's happening is that when your skin comes in contact with the Sun.

Even though it feels really good, what it's doing is it's causing your cells to mutate.

That is the source of lost of elasticity. It's the source of lines and wrinkles, and even sunspots.

Nobody wants any of that. And, I can tell you I've built my career on correcting all of that.

So, instead of creating damage, and creating something for me to do when you come into the office.

You should really protect yourself. Don't get a base tan. Get a sunless tan if you wanna have color.

But, skip the Sun exposure. And, just remember that any Sun exposure is Sun damage.

And once you get that into your head, really, you're not gonna to covet people who have brown skin. You're just gonna be like "Op, you're not taking good care of yourself anymore!"

And frankly, after a while, you're gonna start seeing the benefits of being the skin tone you were born with, whatever it is.

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