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How to Apply Sunless Tanner

Learn how to apply sunless tanner correctly from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Everybody asks me all the time. How can I do a sunless tan at home? How do I apply it? Well, here's how.

Step one. The most important step is exfoliate first. You want to make sure your skin is prepped properly so that the product will go on evenly and give you an even color just as if you got it from being on the beach. So get in the shower, scrub your body all over with some type of sugar or salt scrub. And make sure to play close attention to the tops of your and hands, your elbows and knees and the tops of the feet and ankles. Those areas collect dry skin and that's where the color collects on your skin later. So you want to make sure you exfoliate well.

Step two. Put on a pair of gloves and in a very bright, well lit room, you want to apply the sun tanning product or the sunless tan product to your skin very evenly in long strokes. You don't want to be rubbing it in. You want to just do it every evenly. As if you're giving yourself a beauty treatment at home. The reason for that is then you won't have too much color collecting in different spots on your body. Also, you want to skip all of your joints. You don't want to be putting sunless tan on your elbows. Because if you look at yourself, get out some picture of you tan as a kid, you elbows stay white. They don't get tan. So if you put sunless tan on your elbows now, you're just going to have big brown spots on the backs of your arms. So just skip it. Skip your knees as well.

When you're finished with your whole body you can take the residue of what's on your gloves and just touch your knees like that. Just a little bit of a sweeping motion. Stay with the tops of your hands. Just a little bit of a sweep. You don't want to be rubbing product in here, it'll collect.

Be careful around your ankles. Again, you don't want to over rub product in there. And if you can have a well lit room, it's pretty easy to see where you've put the cream and where you need to put the cream.

So those are my tips for applying the product. Wear loose, dark clothes for a few hours while the product sets in and then feel free to take a shower. Your color will start to come out in a few hours and you'll be a nice, golden glow.

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