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Are Tanning Beds Safe?

Learn if tanning beds are safe from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I can't even believe in this day and age people will still ask me 'Are tanning beds safe?' The short answer is No way, not even close.

Any type of tan that you do is just sun damage. You're not doing anything health or safe for your skin and you need to understand that right now. A tanning bed is kind of horrible because it's such concentrated rays getting your whole body including your face. It is the quickest way to getting old looking fast and losing your elasticity fast.

You're going to have lines. You're going to have droopy knees. You're going to have everything that you never wanted if you continue to use the sun tanning bed. My recommendation? Go with the sunless tan. Save the tanning bed for the 80's where they belong.

I would also recommend just change your mind about what a tan looks like. Anything more than the beautiful golden glow that can be achieved with a sunless tan is just sun damage and really it's a bygone era. We know too much about it now and there's nothing good that can come of it.

So, sorry. I'm going to have to take the tanning bed away from you.

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