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How to Avoid a Sunburn

Learn how to avoid a sunburn from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


I always have clients that complain to me after a vacation that they couldn't help but get a sunburn. But here's how to avoid getting a sunburn so you don't have to confess to me when you get back from vacation. Step one, wear a proper sunscreen. I know that sounds crazy but some people forget sunscreen is really your main barrier to getting a sunburn. You need something with UVA and UVB protection. Both of those rays are very dangerous for the skin. Ideally, 50 or higher. I know that doesn't sound like fun but neither is a sunburn and neither are the effects of the sun on your skin long term so just do what I'm saying.

Next get a really bit hat. Again, it's not the funnest tip to be receiving but if you don't want a sunburn on your face and on your chest and on your shoulders which are the most exposed parts of your body no matter where you are, whether you're walking around the city or if you're on vacation you need a hat. You need to block the rays physically from your skin or else you're going to get unwanted damage. Even if you're wearing sunscreen. I recommend wearing a hat even if you're walking to the office in summer, not just on vacation. It's really important and it will save the whole top half of your body from getting really lasting permanent damage.

Next tip, got to wear sunglasses. The skin around your eyes is really, really thin and very sensitive to light. If you let it get exposed everyday to the sun you are looking at a lot of premature aging fast. Nothing says aging like tired, wrinkled eyes and unfortunately I see it on younger and younger women. The solution to that is wear sunglasses at all times. It's a little bit movie star and a bit getting used to but you'll be thanking me for it at the end of the day.

My last tip to avoid getting sunburnt and really avoiding getting long lasting sun damage is don't go out in the sun between 10:00 and 4:00 and read a book in the middle of the beach. You can be on the beach but be in the shade. You can go swimming, but wear a hat and sunglasses into the water. The sun is so much stronger now. A lot of clients tell me that their mom's have great skin and they never did that. They're grandmas have great skin. Well let me tell you something. Our environment is not the environment that our parents had growing up and we need to be responsible. Avoid the sun between 10:00 and 4:00 and your skin will be grateful that you did.

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