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How to Make a Spray Tan Last Longer

Learn how to make a spray tan last longer from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


A lot of women who get spray tans want to know, "How can I make it last longer?" Of course you want to make it last as long as possible, especially if you are about to go on a two week vacation somewhere to the beach. So here are my recommendations. First, make sure you exfoliate before you get the tan. If you have fresh, clean, clear skin that your that you are spray tanning on, it's going to stick more and last longer. And it's going to look better. So exfoliating first is very important. Second, you want to make sure that you don't wear tight clothing as much as you can. As much as realistic. In other words, if you are wearing skin-tight blue jeans, and tops that are skin tight, and constantly rubbing on the surface of the skin, you're going to be rubbing off your tan.

So if you really want your tan to last longer, try to wear things like skirts, or loose clothing that won't rub against your tan too much. Next, don't use any type of wash cloth, or any type of sponge in the shower. Again, if you're going to be doing things that rub against your skin on a daily basis, you're just going to be washing that color off. It's not permanent, so anything that you can do to avoid rubbing against the tan, will make it last the longest. Another thing that you can do to make your tan last longer, is to moisturize every day. Hydrated skin will not exfoliate as much on its own. And that way the tan will stay even, and it will stay on your skin as long as possible. So those are a few of my tips and tricks to making your sun tan last the longest when its a spray tan. I hope you have a good vacation.

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