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Sun Exposure & Vitamin D

Learn about the connection between sun exposure and your body's level of Vitamin D from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast video.


Lots of people talk to me about vitamin D and sun exposure. We all know vitamin D is a vitamin that we need so why can't be get it from the sun? The truth is vitamin D is absolutely essential. It boots your immune system. It boosts your cardiovascular system. And it just feel really good. And you do get from the sun. You do get it from sun exposure. The problem with getting it from sun exposure is you get a lot of bad stuff too. And stuff that woman also regularly complain about. So, what do you do about that? My suggestion is to get vitamin D from a supplement.

And wear sunscreen on your face and body. Sun exposure is the source of so much dangerous stuff and stuff that cosmetically woman don't like. So, I would wear sunscreen on the body and take vitamin D as a supplement. If you want to, get a little bit of sun exposure on your body knowing the risks. That would be my preference. That way you can get a little bit of really direct vitamin D exposure on your body and get it really soaked in and you're still protecting yourself from some of the really bad effects of sun on your face.

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