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How to Do a Standing Headlock Wrestling Move

Learn how to do a standing headlock wrestling move from Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos in this Howcast video.


Welcome to the Monster Factory. I'm just going to have these gentlemen demonstrate a Side Head Lock.

Okay, it's a very basic maneuver but it's a very important maneuver. There's several ways to do it. We've got Tom and Mike that's going to go to a Collar and Elbow, and one will take a basic standing Head Lock.

Okay, if you'll notice when you take a Head Lock, you can actually do that with no foot movement at all. All he has to do is stand up straight.

Okay, he's got his hand behind his head. All he's doing is twisting his body into in him, securing the head with his forearm and his bicep. Gripping here, keeping the grip, tightening, and pull him into his chest.

Okay, we have a finger to finger grip. Okay, thumb over the little finger.

Okay, he's squeezing hard. Pulling in.

All right, since you're not up, now, in order to get out of the Head Lock, you want to push his arm away. Actually, you don't want to get in the Head Lock, is the best way go get out of a Head Lock. So in order to get out of it, as he comes in, he'll push his arm away, and pull his head back.

Okay, you'll see the guy's maneuvering for a Head Lock. Push his head and shoulder away. Duck your head, and you'll stay out of that.

But if you make the mistake of not ducking your head, he will stanch the Standing Head Lock.

That's a take down position. From there you can control your opponent because if you control your opponent's head, you control his body.

And that was a Standing Head Lock.

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