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How to Do a Twisting Wristlock Wrestling Move

Learn how to do a twisting wristlock wrestling move from Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos in this Howcast video.


My name is Pretty Boy Larry Sharp, and today we're at the Monster Factory.

The next hold that we're going to demonstrate is the Twisting Wrist Lock.

Again they go to the Collar and Elbow. Now they're go to the Twisting Wrist Lock.

This, take both hands, you want to grip your fingers in here and you'll kind of like, you'll slide his arm down. Let me have it, please.

Okay, from this position here, you just slide your arm down until you control his wrist. Then you turn it away, take the second grip, then you get it, and now you're twisting the wrist, and that gives you this position here.

That's the Twisting Wrist Lock.

If you do get a Twisting Wrist Lock applied to you, there's several maneuvers to get out of it. One thing you might want to do is roll through, okay, if you can, before your opponent takes this into a Hammerlock.

Go ahead and roll through.

Reverse it.

Okay, Collar and Elbow. Mike takes the arm, twist it, wrist lock, and reversal.

Okay, we're going in for the wrist lock. Wrist lock's applied. Sometimes it's hard to get out of, and sometimes the path of least resistance is to the rope or the referee will break the hold.

And that's the Twisting Wrist Lock.

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