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How to Do a Sunset Flip Wrestling Move

Learn how to do a sunset flip wrestling move from Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos in this Howcast video.


My name is Larry Sharpe. We're here at the Monster Factory, and the next thing we're going to demonstrate is the Sunset Flip.

Mike shoots him into the rope. Tommy comes off the rope. Mike sets up for a Back Drop, posted with his elbows on his knees. Tom comes off, plants his shoulders, his hands on the shoulders, and propels himself over as Mike gives him a boost.

One of the best ways to counter a Back Drop is with a Sunset Flip. Your opponent sets up for the Back Drop, and once he's committed, you have the opportunity to take that and turn it into a Sunset Flip, and get your opponent to his shoulders.

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